Elite XP Whitepaper

Elite XP

Official Elite XP Whitepaper, last updated July 2022

Executive Summary

​Elite XP is a Solana-based game-fi platform that allows casual gamers to play and compete against other gamers to earn crypto rewards based on their in-game performance, knowledge, and skill level in popular game titles such as Fortnite, Dota 2, and more.
We aim to democratize the ability to be financially rewarded for playing games similar to professional esports athletes for everyone, regardless of their skill level or audience. We believe that all players should have the opportunity to be rewarded for investing their time and effort into playing their favorite games.

Why is now the right time to enter the market?

  • There is a demand for games that incorporate crypto. The top 3 play-to-earn games have a combined market cap of over $18 billion.
  • Blockchain technology is the future of gaming. 58% out of 197 video-game developers surveyed are beginning to incorporate blockchain technology.
  • A gap in the market. Most of today’s popular game titles do not financially reward players for investing their time in the games they love, making Elite XP the best platform to earn by playing popular games such as Dota 2 and Fortnite.
Most players in the crypto gaming space are rushing to develop the next big blockchain game (which could take years to launch and build traction). At Elite XP we're different - we don't aim to build a popular blockchain game. Our goal is to provide gamers with play-to-earn capabilities while playing the games they already love.


Game Token: $PVP
Governance Token: $XP
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