Justin Wong - CEO

Justin is involved in all key decisions from product to marketing and leads the company’s global direction.
He has formerly worked for the Canadian government’s legal innovation office and has a background in project management and strategy.

Arjun Bhushan - CTO

Arjun leads Elite XP’s engineering and technical strategy team.
With prior software engineering experience at Apple and Citadel, he has built fault-tolerant software used by millions daily.

Aparna Bhushan - COO

Aparna is responsible for both the legal and business strategy at Elite XP.
As a legally barred lawyer in both Canada and California, she has been critical in navigating regulatory requirements in North American, APAC and Europe.

Richard La - VP of Engineering

Richard supports engineering operations through the exploration of new technologies and improvement of existing services.
He previously worked at Wind River Systems where he improved development workflows, supporting the orchestration of mission-critical intelligent edge systems.
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