Elite XP Whitepaper


Solo Mode Hearts Cap

Each controller in Solo Mode has its own Hearts Cap. This limit restricts the number of times each controller can be used to earn $PVP by a user in a day.

Hearts Cap

Each controller has its own Hearts cap - the maximum being 12/12 [CURRENT/CAP]. Users can obtain more hearts by purchasing higher-quality Controllers, or by leveling up their current Controllers.

Solo Queue Earning Mechanics

$PVP Earnings For A Single Game (1 Heart = 1 Game)
Base: 40
Player's Rating/MMR boost (R): Max R is 80.
Charge Adjustment Factor (Y): Charge < 50% = 0.9 or Charge < 10% = 0.1
Game Score Adjustment Factor (Z): [0.5, 1] linear change when [first quartile, top of second quartile] or [1, 1.5] linear change when [bottom of third quartile, top of fourth quartile +]
Controller's Efficiency (CE): The efficiency attribute on the controller.
System Param (system_param): Parameter set by the game developer, subject to change. Initially set to 100.