What Are We Doing to Avoid Match Fixing?

Given that users place wagers on their own performance, the only way players could match-fix is by “smurfing” (deliberately losing games so that they can be matched against lower-level opponents). To combat this risk, we have identified two solutions that can prevent users from match-fixing:
  1. 1.
    Players will be empowered to report other users that appear to be smurfing to Elite XP’s player-monitoring division.
    • User's ratings will always be public, allowing others to rely on prior user history to determine how likely a user is to be smurfing.
  2. 2.
    Giving a score boost to players in higher ranks which, instead of incentivizing players to lose MMR and play against easier opponents, gives them a reason to play at their highest competitive level.
    • These score boosts provide users with a higher score in their contest for playing against more skilled opponents, increasing their likelihood of winning.