Controller Breeding & Fusing

Controller Breeding

Controller Breeding is a process where users can use any 2 Controllers they already own as a blueprint to “breed”, producing an XP Crate in the process. For reference, the 2 Controllers will be called Generation 1 (Parents). Both Parents need to be in the user’s possession and have full Charge to begin a “breed”.

Controller Fusing

Controller Fusing happens when a user has a surplus of NFT Controllers with the same rarity level. Users can fuse 5 Controllers of the same rarity to obtain 1 new Controller that is at least one rarity level higher. Once you fuse your NFT Controllers, the initial 5 Controllers will be burnt into the system.
Example: Fusing 5 Controllers with the Common rarity level will yield a Controller of at least an Uncommon rarity level - if you're lucky, you may get a Rare Controller too!
More info coming soon for Controller Breeding & Fusing!