Elite XP Whitepaper

How to Earn

Solo Queue Mode

In Solo Mode, users are equipped with XP NFT Controllers, enabling them to earn tokens by playing their favourite web2 games.
Hearts are needed to earn Player-vs-Player Tokens ($PVP). Each Heart is equal to 1 online match of P2E gaming, and Hearts ONLY start replenishing after users acquire an XP Controller. To begin, users select an XP Controller of their choice and press Start. Users should see their status on the top of the screen, which can be either Online or Offline.
Cheating: This will be shown if the app detects a weak internet signal/online connection, or the user is deemed to be not organically playing (i.e. using an auto clicker). No $PVP will be earned while Camping and users may/may not lose Hearts depending on the circumstance.
Always make sure you have Hearts before playing, as there is no token earning if you have zero Hearts.
$PVP/$XP will be paid out for every game you play, which is dependent on 3 main factors:
  1. 1.
    Player Rating - For games with a rating/MMR system, a user's rating relative to the game's rating system can increase their earnings. The higher a user's rating is, the more their earnings are boosted.
  2. 2.
    XP Controller’s Level/Rarity - The higher the efficiency, the more $PVP earned per game.
  3. 3.
    In-Game Performance - The $PVP earned is directly related to how well you play. Bad games will 0.5x your potential earnings, and great games can boost your earnings by 1.5x. Play hard, and earn more! Remember: once Hearts are depleted, you will stop earning $PVP.

Mystery Box

Mystery Box is a loot box that is randomly dropped while you are playing in Solo Queue Mode.
Mystery Box has the same 5 rarity levels as Controllers. Each Mystery Box has a waiting period before it can be opened. A small amount of $PVP is required to open it. The Mystery Box waiting period increases proportionately to the rarity of the box.
Mystery boxes may contain the following:
  • $XP Airdrops
  • New Controller NFT
  • Tangible Gaming Rewards
  • Controller Upgrade Buffs - coming soon!


To make mass adoption of web3 gaming as simple as possible, gamers can also earn on Elite XP without purchasing a Controller NFT. Users without controller NFTs can enjoy several of the features we provide. Elite XP is built to make people have fun while gaming.
Non-controller holders can also earn, but players must watch advertisements. Elite XP’s long-term sustainability comes from sustainable web2 business models.
More info on Free-to-Play coming soon!