Token Description & Utility


$XP - Main Governance Token
$PVP - In-Game Utility Token

Token Utility & Game Mechanisms

Token Required
Controller Repair
Users can use $PVP restore the durability of a Controller to continue earning
Mystery Box Opening
Users can use $PVP to open Mystery Boxes that are randomly dropped playing games use their Controller
Creating Contests
Users can use $PVP to create their own contest, rewarding them with 1% of the pot when a contest closes
Users need $PVP to pay contest entry fees to compete in daily tournaments against others
Staking $XP will enable users to earn rewards in $XP.
$XP will allow users to govern over certain platform decision like use of the ecosystem fund and product features
Controller Customization
Coming soon
Redistribute Controller Attributes
Users can spend a pre-determined base cost of $XP to redistrubute their Controller's Attributes if they prefer a different build
Redeem for Tangible Gaming Prizes
Users will be able use $XP for the chance to win tangible or in-game prizes such as gaming gear (mice, keyboard, etc.), in-game currency (Riot Points, VBucks, etc.), and more via a weekly raffle system
Leveling Up Controller
$XP & $PVP
Users can level up their Controllers using $XP & $PVP. Upon level-up, users will attain Attribute points to improve the quality of their Controller
Fusing New Controllers
$XP & $PVP
Users can spend a combination of $XP & $PVP to fuse two Controllers together to produce a new XP Controller with combined stats